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Advances & Instant Credit Facilities

Advances & Instant Credit Facilities

Instant loans are easier and faster than other loans. With no hidden fees, no rollovers, and lower interest rates.

Our Advances & Instant Credit Facilities Include:
  1. Maximum repayment period is 1 month
  2. Loan processed within four hours of application and does NOT require guarantors
  3. Interest rate is 10%
  4. Maximum loan amount is Kes100,000
  1. Member salary MUST be channeled through FOSA account
  2. Maximum repayment period is 5 months
  3. Maximum loan amount is Kes300,000
  4. Interest rate varies from 5% to 8% depending on the repayment period
  5. NO guarantors required

This facility is meant for new employees not more than 6 months old at their new work stations.

    1. Net salary must be channeled through FOSA
    2. Loan tenure of 6 months
    3. No guarantors required
    4. Maximum loan amount Kes50,000 with 15% per annum interest
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