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With the help of our Mobile Banking platform you can transfer funds, and pay bills, checking account balance, study your recent transaction.

M-Sacco is a mobile banking platform which enables members to transact through their mobile phones at their convenience and therefore has become a channel of choice to many members. To enjoy this solution get in touch with us for registration.

  1. Withdrawal: Allows member to make withdrawals from their FOSA accounts.
  2. Balance enquiry: Members can enquire their account balances for Loans, Shares, Deposits and other FOSA accounts.
  3. Funds transfer: Members can transfer funds from their FOSA accounts to their own FOSA/BOSA deposits or to other members.
  4. Loan repayment: This service allows members to repay their BOSA and FOSA loans.
  5. Utility payments: pay electricity bills, air time topups etc
  6. Mini statement: Members can get a mini-statement for the last 5 transactions
  7. Change Pin: Members can change their Pin numbers as they wish.
  8. Deposit: use the M-Pesa Pay Bill option below:

Go to..

  1. Lipa na M-Pesa
  2. Pay Bill
  3. Pay Bill Number: 895790
  4. Account number: put your National Identity Number (ID Number) or your FOSA account number 0101-001-0xxxx (for FOSA) or ID Number and the letters SD (short code for Share deposit, eg 12345678SD)
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