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Nation Sacco, Renewal of Medical Scheme Cover

Renewal of Medical Scheme Cover

Nation Sacco runs a medical insurance scheme that aims to help member’s access affordable healthcare. The scheme is open to members who do not enjoy a medical cover from their employers, those who wish to have additional insurance covers and those that seek cover for their overage dependants. Upon receipt of applications, the Society pays in full the required premiums for the year and recovers it in ten months from the insured at an interest rate of fifteen per cent. The facility does not require security or guarantors as long as a member’s salary is paid through FOSA account.

Please note that the scheme is due for renewal in a two weeks’ time. Existing scheme members who would like to renew their covers and the new applicants should confirm their renewals and applications by contacting Angella at kivondo@ke.nationmedia.comor Olivia at omwongera@ke.nationmedia.com or contact them on 0718990869. The deadline for this is Friday, October 14th 2016.

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