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Nation Sacco Revised By-laws

Dear Member,

In the Annual General Meeting held on February 22, 2020, members passed a resolution for the Amendment of Nation Sacco By-laws in light of changes in the legal and market environment that we operate in.

The Board has organised a one-hour online member education session on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 7PM to take members through the key areas proposed for amendment.

Please go through the attached memorandum keenly to appreciate the changes and to contribute to the discussion next week. Follow this link to access the current and proposed by-laws. Feel free to share your feedback on or The input will be collated for discussion during the member education day.

We will share a ZOOM link in due course to enable members participate in the discussion.

  1. Old By-Laws: NATION Sacco – ByLaws (old)
  2. By-laws Memorandum: By-laws Memorandum (revised_2020)
  3. Amended By-Laws: NATION Sacco – By-laws (revised)_2020

Hon. Secretary

John Kiarie

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