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Financial and Management Advisory Services

Financial and Management Advisory Services

Kreston KM provides a full range of business consulting services to clients in both the private and public sectors. We provide a wide range of management consultancy and professional services ranging from strategy formulation, and specialist advisory services in disciplines such as finance, ICT, planning, monitoring, risk management, mergers and acquisitions. We enable clients to achieve integrated solutions to their business requirements and endeavour to provide best value for money.

Proper risk management is no longer simply a matter of identifying and mitigating risk. Rather, today’s organizations must go above and beyond, and implement proactive structures that not only detect risk, but also enhance the strategic and operational foundations of their business.  Our advisory team works with clients proactively to manage risk through the creation of sound internal controls. Our professionals have a deep understanding of industry issues, and provide guidance to public and private companies alike – from startups to large enterprises.

We also help clients design and implement global compliance programmes and drive results through internal audit. We undertake strategic planning and business plans for clients, advise on business performance and improvements, carryout due diligence as required, as well as develop practical financial modules for planning, control and monitoring.

With our expansive international network, we are able to facilitate swift turnaround and effective service delivery even for the most completed assignments.

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