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Payroll administration

Payroll administration

Our job on outsourced payroll administration assignments, entails-

  1. Advising the client on the most optimal staff remuneration arrangement and especially for senior management staff.
  2. Preparation of the monthly payroll.
  3. Making all payroll based statutory returns.
  4. Effecting payroll payments within stipulated timelines.
  5. Computation of appropriate tax for any lump sum payments eg gratuities and pensions.

Benefits that accrue to the client from our involvement include:

  1. Maintenance of payroll confidentiality.
  2. Ensuring full compliance with payroll obligations under Income Tax Act, NSSF Act and NHIF Act.
  3. Prompt posting of the payroll in the general ledger through sharing of the payroll journal.
  4. Minimized payroll tax for individual employees.
  5. Absence of staff salary/remuneration disputes.
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