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Tax compliance and consulting

Tax compliance

All persons operating in Kenya, both individuals and non- individuals, profit making and nonprofit making, resident and non-resident are required by set regulations to comply with the particular tax obligations applicable to them. Knowing and discharging particular tax obligations in a timely and accurate manner is critical in mitigating tax risks. Improper handling and non-reporting on applicable tax obligations often attract excessive tax assessments and imposition of penalties, fines and interest.  At Kreston KM we are committed to ensuring that our clients remain fully compliant with their tax obligations and minimally exposed to tax risks by offering the following taxation services, among others:-

  1. Preparation, computation & filing of self-assessment income tax returns in accordance with tax legislations and regulations.
  2. Computation and advisory on installment vs minimum tax payments
  3. Preparation and filing of VAT , PAYE, Withholding, excise duty, monthly rental income tax and other applicable tax returns.
  4. Application and processing of Tax Compliance Certificates
  5. Timely notification and advice on tax payable and the due dates and assistance on the same
  6. Attending to queries raised by the tax authority in relation to the client’s tax affairs.

In addition, we also handle our client’s other statutory obligations like the NSSF & NHIF. We have set up and implemented our internal standards and procedures that ensure we meet your tax compliance expectations while our focus is to exceed those expectations.