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Who We Are

About US

Nation DT-Sacco Society Ltd was registered in September 15th 1975 with a main purpose of affording members an opportunity to accumulate savings and deposits and thereafter providing them with credit facilities at a fair and reasonable interest rate to better their economic wellbeing.

The society has grown tremendously in the last ten years in terms of membership and product & services range. This period has seen introduction of banking services popularly referred to as FOSA activity which has enabled the society to offer convenient services under one roof conveniently and efficiently.

Coupled with a reliable back end software, the society has also ventured into mobile banking platform(digital) which has made it easy for members to access our services on a 24/7 basis.

Nation DT-Sacco is therefore a Deposit Taking Sacco (DTS), Licensed and Regulated by the Sacco Society Regulatory Authority (SASRA).


To mobilize resources for provision of competitive, innovative products and services in a prudent manner that promotes financial security and welfare of our stakeholders.


To be the financial solutions provider of choice.

Core Values

Trust. Teamwork. Customer Excellence. Integrity.

Why Nation DT-SACCO
  1. A vehicle to saving into your future,
  2. Sense of ownership and control; you become a member and a shareholder,
  3. Good returns to your investment-shares/deposits,
  4. Wide range of affordable credit facilities,
  5. Excellent customer service with free financial advice,
  6. Funds are well managed and invested,
  7. Good leaders who are professional in their various capacities,
  8. In case of member’s death, their outstanding loans will be paid fully by our insurer. We will refund to your nominated next of kin your accumulated savings and interest thereon.