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Withdrawable Deposits

Withdrawable Deposits

Why it pays to save regularly;
If you save regularly, you’ll quickly find that your savings add up and keep growing. Get into the habit and watch your money turn into more money.

This is a conventional savings current account similar to those offered by commercial banks.

  1. Minimum account operating balance is Kes500,
  2. Makes it very convenient to process member payment and loans
  3. Personal cheques can be deposited in this account
  4. Salaries are paid through this account
  5. Enables a member to access a wide range of credit facilities like FOSA loan, Salary Advance, Medical loan and Soko Loan
  6. Visa electron debit cards (ATM) make the funds accessible 24/7 all over the world
  7. Cash can be accessed at all Visa branded outlets and POS outlets or over the counter
  8. Attracts competitive interest rates
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